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2023 Dressage Schedule

  • Our Competitions are run in accordance with BRC dressage rules 2023
  • Equines can have no more than 35 British Dressage points at the level above what they are competing in
  • Riders who have ridden at BD events can compete two levels lower at riding club

Please note the 13th May dressage event will now be held at Thompson House Farm, Pepper Ln, Wigan WN6 0PP








29th April

12 noon

Intro A

P7(2002) Short

N24 (2010) Short

E42 (2008) Short

M63 (2002) Short

13th May

12 noon

Intro B

P12 (2005) Short

N27 (2007) Short

E44 (2002) Short

M71 (2002) Short

10th June

12 noon

Intro C

P13 (2006) Short

N28 (2008) Short

E40 (2010) Long

M61 (2002) Long

24th June

12 noon

Intro A

P14 (2006) Short

N30 (2006) Short

E43 (2006) Long

M69 (2005) Long

8th July

12 noon

Intro B

P18 (2005) Short

N34 (2009) Short

E45 (2010) Long

M73 (2007) Long

12th August

12 noon

Intro C

P15 (2008) Long

N22 (2007) Long

E53 (2007) Long

M75 (2002) Long

26th August

12 noon

Intro A

P17A (2017) Long

N38 (2005) Long

E59 (2010) Long

M76 (2016) Long

Class 1Junior IntroClass 2Senior Intro
Class 3Junior PrelimClass 4Senior Prelim
Class 5Junior NoviceClass 6Senior Novice
Class 7Junior ElementaryClass 8Senior Elementary
Class 9Open MediumClass 10Pairs (held on the last show only – BRC Test 5)

(Junior = 18 years or under on the 1st of January in the current year)

Entry Fees:Members: £12.00Non-Members: £15.00Pair: £24.00 a pair
Entry Secretary:Sarah 07798 842076


Entries close 3 days before the event, (Wednesday 7pm without exceptions) and will be accepted by PayPal, or email with full entry details.  NO entries will be taken via Facebook, Messenger or Text.

  • All requests for times will be accommodated where possible, but on a first comer first served basis.
  • No changes to times will be made once they have been published on the website.
  • Refunds or the transferring to entries to the next event will only be allowed if notification is received before the entry closing deadline.
  • Withdrawals or enquiries on the day should be made to Sarah Oldham on the above mobile number.

Times:   Test times will be available on the website on the Thursday evening prior to the event and it would be appreciated if competitors could access their times from the web site.  If this is not possible, please telephone Sarah Oldham on the Thursday before the event but NO LATER THAN 9PM

2023 Dressage Results

2023 Members Points Championship

Members are awarded points at each of our Points Shows and Dressage Shows 1st 8pts, 2nd 7pts, 3rd 6pts, 4th 5pts, 5th 4pts, 6th 3pts. One point is awarded for attendance for those not placed.

Members must have attended four Dressage Shows to be eligible for Championship Trophies.

Joker Cards

Members can play a Joker Card once per season for Points Shows and Dressage Shows. The Joker Card doubles the points awarded on that day for all classes for rider & horse/pony combinations. Joker Cards are available at the entries desk and must be declared before the member competes in their first class of the day or you can declare your intention to play your Joker by putting the word JOKER in your name when making online payments.

Championship Points