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Personal information that you supply to us may be used in a number of ways to facilitate your riding club membership. It should be noted that as we are affiliated to the British Horse Society as a British Riding Club, your personal information will be shared with them in order to fulfil your BRC membership benefits and they may share with associates for the purpose of fulfilling your full membership benefits i.e. insurance providers. We / BRC will automatically contact you about your membership: for example, to ensure you receive your membership benefits, to tell you about news, activities and events. This includes sending you a regular magazine, email updates, information on other membership benefits, and publishing competition times and results in the public domain. Privacy Policy

It is a condition of the membership that all members acquaint themselves with the Rules and Constitution of the Club as well as the Bye-LawsRules

Please note that Junior Riders & Handlers must be 4 yrs old by the 1st January in the current year and not have not attained their 18th birthday. Seniors are those who have attained their 18th birthday by 1st January in the current year.

Memberships run from 1st January to 31st December each year.

To become a fully affiliated member of British Riding Clubs it is mandatory that you provide the Name of the Member, Date of Birth, Full address, Postcode,Telephone Number & Email. BRC will send your digital membership card to the email address you supply and your copy of Rider Magazine will be sent to the address you supply.

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