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Objectives, Rules & Bye-Laws


The objectives of the RIDING CLUB AFFILIATION SCHEME are to assist and encourage those interested in the horse and equitation, to improve and maintain the standard of riding and horsemanship and to seek to preserve and develop public riding facilities.

To promote the interest of horse and pony breeding, to further the art of riding and driving and to encourage horsemanship and the welfare of horses and ponies.

The Club shall be known as “Longton Riding Club”.

The objectives of the club shall be:

  • To encourage riding as a sport and recreation, to promote good fellowship amongst riders and to improve and maintain the standard of riding and horsemanship.
  • To organise instructional meeting, lectures and competitive events and other activities to deemed to further these objectives.
  • To support and co-operate with recognised organisations interested in the breeding and use of all breeds and types of horses and ponies.
  • To investigate the subject of bridleways and rights of way with a view to opening those that have been closed and maintaining and more clearly defining those that are open.
  • To concern itself with any matter which will benefit the horse and horse user in the district.

Rules and Constitution

  1. Membership is from 1st January to 31st December each year.
    1. Senior members are those who have attained their 18th Birthday before the first of January prior to the Annual General Meeting.
    2. Junior members are those who have not attained their 18th birthday before the 1st January prior to the Annual General Meeting. Membership shall be deemed to be confirmed when the due subscription has been paid to the Club and a membership card issued.
    3. Voting rights. Senior members shall have full voting rights. A parent or legal guardian shall have voting rights on behalf of a junior member.
    4. Honorary and Life Members: The Committee shall have power to confer Honorary or Life Membership upon any person who, in their opinion has rendered notable service to the Club. Honorary membership shall be for one year and does not carry any voting rights or riding privileges. Life membership shall be for life and carries full voting rights but not riding privileges.
    5. The President and Vice President shall be entitled to attend all meetings but have no voting rights or riding privileges.
  2. Supporters Club
    The Club shall encourage friends and parents to give financial support to the Club by becoming a ‘supporter’ and giving such minimum amount of money as the Annual General Meeting shall decide. Supporters are NOT members of the Club and have no rights or privileges whatsoever other than to receive the Club Newsletter which may from time to time be issued.
  3. Expulsion from Membership
    The committee shall have the right to expel from membership any member who in the opinion of the committee, has brought the Club into dispute or acted contrary to the best interests of the Club, provided always that the members shall be given the opportunity of explanation.
  4. Committee
    1. The committee shall consist of up to 20 Senior Members including the Chairman, Vice Chairman, Secretary, Show Secretary and Treasurer as determined by the Annual General Meeting. The Treasurer will ensure that the appropriate insurance is in place.
    2. The committee shall have the power to co-opt other members, but shall not exceed the total permitted at 4(a).
    3. A quorum shall be more than half of the elected and co-opted members.
    4. The committee will at its discretion be able to appoint “Honorary” committee members. Honorary committee members are not expected to attend meetings, but will receive committee papers and may be called upon to give advice. They will have no voting rights.
    5. The committee shall have all the power of management vested in it and shall be responsible for the interpretation of these rules and for any matter relating to the Club not expressly provided for in these rules. Their decisions shall be final and binding on all Club members.
    6. At least one third of the Committee, which must include all co-opted members, shall retire each year. Retiring members shall be eligible for re-election. No members shall serve for more than three years without re-election at an Annual General Meeting.
  5. Trustees
    1. The general committee of the Club is empowered to appoint not more than five Trustees. The Trustees appointed be authorised to purchase land on such terms and conditions as may be agreed by the Committee. The Trustees be further authorised to do all such things as are necessary to affect such purchases as may be agreed by the committee. That any land may be purchased by the trustees as aforesaid be held in the names of the Trustees upon the trust set out in a Trust Deed to be executed contemporaneously with the Purchase Deed the terms of which shall be agreed by the committee.
    2. In the event of a sale of the whole or any part of the land or assets vested in the name of the Trustees in accordance with the foregoing paragraph, the Trustees shall dispose of or otherwise deal with the nett proceeds of the sale as determined or directed by not less than 75% of the members of the Club voting at the General Meeting duly convened, provided always that no member shall obtain personal financial benefit thereby.
  6. Administration & Annual General Meeting
    1. The financial year of the Club shall be 1st January to 31st December each year.
    2. The Annual General Meeting shall be held as soon as is practical after the year end. The agenda shall include the following items: To receive and if approved, adopt the Statement of the Club’s accounts to the end of the preceding year. To fill vacancies on the committee. To elect a Treasurer. To appoint an auditor(s). To deal with any other matter of which due notice has been given. Notices may be given to members either by hand or sent by post to the address in the Secretary’s register. Accidental omission to give or failure to receive such notice for any reason shall not invalidate the proceedings of that meeting.
    3. The accounts of the Club shall be audited each year before being presented to the members, by the Person(s) appointed at the previous Annual General Meeting.
    4. These rules may be amended at an Annual General Meeting provided notice is given to the Secretary by the 1st January preceding the Annual General Meeting, OR at a Special Meeting called by the committee or by a request signed by ten senior members specifying the amendments they wish to make. The Secretary shall give ten days’ notice of such Special Meeting and shall specify the matters to be dealt with.
  7. Subscriptions
    1. Subscriptions will become due for payment immediately following the Annual General Meeting.
    2. Members must be correctly turned out at all Club events.
    3. It is EXPRESSLY FORBIDDEN for any reason, whether a member or not, to mount a horse or pony at any function organised for, or supported by the Club, whether competing or not, unless correctly fitting hard hat is worn, ALL hard hats should conform to the current standards. Such headwear must be worn with a harness properly adjusted and fastened.
    4. Any member who was awarded a trophy and fails to return it by the date stipulated may not be permitted to take any trophy in the future, at the Committees discretion.

Bye-laws of the Club

  1. It is a condition of the membership that all members acquaint themselves with the Rules and Constitution of the Club as well as the Bye-Laws.
  2. Members are obliged to abide by the Rules and Constitution and the Bye-Laws and to any temporary rules which the Committee may from time to time decide upon.
  3. The Committee are obliged to ensure that copies of the Rules and Constitution, Bye-Laws and temporary rules are displayed on the notice board.
  4. Competitors will be responsible for the security and comfort of their mounts. Horses will not be led or ridden in the prohibited areas.
  5. Members must conduct themselves in such a manner as will not interfere with the enjoyment of spectators, visitors and competitors. Any member, competitor or spectator found to be abusive to judges or officials may be asked to leave the show ground and will forfeit any entry fees paid.
  6. Competitors must comply with instructions given to them by members of the Committee or their appointed stewards.
  7. The judge’s decision in all cases is final and binding.
  8. Members are expected to assist the Committee whenever possible by offering their help to ensure the smooth running of shows, events and social functions in order to make all such occasions enjoyable to all.
  9. Animals must not be tethered to Club property.
  10. Fall of horse/pony, rider or handler will result in elimination and competitors must leave the ring dismounted.
  11. Stallions are permitted but they must be ridden/handled by a person 16 years old and over. They are not allowed in the Bonny Pony classes.
  12. Running martingales and any nosebands are permitted in all classes except equitation classes. Judges will take into account their effect and place accordingly. Market Harborough’s are permitted in show jumping only but provided they are not used in conjunction with any other martingales.
  13. Bitless bridles are permitted in show jumping only. For all other classes, any suitable bridle may be worn unless otherwise stated in the schedule. Judges opinions on suitable bits/bridles will vary and their decision is final.
  14. The use of running, check, draw, side reins, and blinkers are forbidden in all areas of the showground.
  15. Protective boots may be worn during the jumping phase of the working hunter but must be removed for phase two.
  16. No lunging on the show ground.
  17. Whips/show canes must not exceed 75cm/30″ in length.
  18. In showing classes; any animal displaying continuous disobedience will be disqualified.
  19. Junior handlers are required to exhibit horses/ponies that are suitable to their own height and capabilities. The judges’ decision on this will be final.
  20. No Horse/Pony under the age of four may be ridden on the show ground.
  21. Riders and handlers must be 4 years old by the 1st of January in the current year.
  22. Competitors must only walk in the horse walks (no trotting or cantering allowed).
  23. It is the responsibility of the competitors to avoid entering classes that may clash and to inform the Ring Steward if they are going to be late for a class. Exhibitors who appear late for their class will only be allowed to complete at the judge’s discretion. Please note that in the ridden classes if an exhibitor misses the go round they will only be allowed to take part none competitively.
  24. Competition for Annual Trophies
    Points will only be counted for Championship from date of paid membership. Classes 1,3,25 & 56 to 58 do not count as Championships. The same combination of horse and rider/handler must compete to be eligible for points, only exception to be equitation classes. Points will be awarded as follows to members at each points show:
    1st in class – 8 points 2nd in class – 7 points 3rd in class – 6 points
    4th in class – 5 points 5th in class – 4 points 6th in class – 3 points
    One point will be awarded to each competing member not placed. Members must have competed in four shows to be eligible for Championship Trophies.
  25. Dress
    Competitors must wear collar and tie or hunting stocks. Polo necked sweaters are NOT acceptable (except in cross country phases). Earrings, studs or any other item of jewellery which could be deemed dangerous is forbidden. Jodhpurs/Breeches must be of a light colour. Jackets must be worn. Footwear must be competition standard.
  26. Hats
    All competitors must wear a riding hat which conforms to the BRC requirements when mounted. All junior competitors showing in-hand must also wear a suitable hard hat which meets standards set out by BRC. Please see hat guidelines section in this schedule and the British Riding Clubs website for more details and information –
  27. Dogs
    At all times dogs, must be kept on a lead and under control. Owners are requested to respect and uphold the laws regarding dog fouling.
  28. Spurs
    Where the rules permit the use of spurs, they must be blunt, without rowels and without sharp edges. If the spurs are curved, the curve must be downwards and the shank must face back. Only metal spurs are acceptable. Where permitted in showing classes they may only be worn by senior riders. This rule does not apply to the show jumping classes except spurs are NOT permitted in the beginners jumping classes. Spurs are not permitted in equitation Classes or Ridden Veterans classes.
  29. Objections
    Height of Horse/Pony. Members wishing to object to the height of an animal should lodge such objections in writing to the Secretary of the Club together with a deposit of £40. The owner of the animal on receiving due notice of the objection must produce to the Committee within 14 days of the date of the notice either a life certificate of the animal’s height or a letter stating that the animal has been measured and clearly giving the height and signed by a Veterinary Surgeon who is a member of the Joint Measurement Scheme. If the objection is sustained the objector will has the deposit returned. If the objection is not sustained the deposit will be given to the owner of the animal. All other objections should be given in writing to the Secretary of the Club together with a deposit of £25. If the objection is sustained the deposit will be returned to the objector. If not sustained, the deposit will be disposed of at the discretion of the Committee to the benefit of the Club. In all cases of objections the decision of the Committee is binding on all concerned.
  30. Club Membership Cards
    Digital Membership Cards are issued from British Riding Clubs directly to the email address given in the Membership Application – allow 21 days for delivery. These MUST be produced when class entries are made. Failure to do so may result in non-member entry fees being charged. Points will be awarded as per Bye-Law 24. Please note that a full list of all current members is kept by the cashiers desk and in the event that your membership card has not yet been received, will be consulted.
  31. Joker Card
    Hand your Joker Card in when you make your entries at the desk before competing that day and for every point you get they are doubled.
    One Joker per member for points shows and one for dressage. No back dating to a previous show allowed. Can be played at any show. Points counted against any horse/pony ridden/exhibited by a member that day. Must have competed in four shows within the season to qualify for Championship points.