Members 2023 Championship Points

Members are awarded points at each of our Points Shows and Dressage Shows 1st 8pts, 2nd 7pts, 3rd 6pts, 4th 5pts, 5th 4pts, 6th 3pts. One point is awarded for attendance for those not placed.

Members must have attended three Points Shows to be eligible for Championship Trophies. (amended 01/08/2023)

Joker Cards

Each Member can play one Joker Card per season that doubles the points awarded on the day played. Joker Cards are available at the entries desk and must be declared before the member competes in their first class of the day.

Please note that due to poor ground conditions, the showjumping at the last show could not go ahead, we have therefore awarded average points to all showjumping competitors for the last show and a joker was applied to their average points if they had not already played one. We hope you agree that this was the fairest way.

All reported errors/omissions have now been amended and these final result will now stand.

Ring 1

Ring 2

Ring 3

Ring 4

Ring 5

Ring 6

Overall Points & Champions

Special Awards