1          NICOLA ARMSTRONG                   JUBILEE                                                         38

2          JESSICA JOHNSON                          MOORFIELD PRINCESS                             37

3          MADELEINE ASHFORTH               CAPRAIN JACK SPARROW                       32

4=        IZZY BERRY                                     CEULAN SILAS                                            19

4=        MADISON MORRIS                         BROWNIE                                                      19


            SENIOR INTRODUCTORY              CDS SHIELD


1          SARAH PARKER                              HERMITS KEFFIE                                        39

2          COURTNEY MONKS                       CEDRIC                                                          31

3          KIRSTY HUDSON                            DIAMOND DITTO                                        30

4          WENDY NOY                                    BOBBIN ALONG                                          16


            JUNIOR PRELIM                              ECCLESTON EQUESTRIAN SHIELD


1          EVIE FAIRBROTHER                       MISS PEGGY SUE                                        46  

2          NICOLA ARMSTRONG                   JUBILEE                                                         29

3=        JESSICA JOHNSON                          MOORFIELD PRINCESS                             26

3=        NICOLA EASTHAM                         PESSALL FANFARE                                    26


            SENIOR PRELIM                              THE AMEX GOLD SHIELD


1=        NICOLA MOORE                              Mr PRIM                                                         28  

1=        KATE RYDER                                   SOLITAIRES CASINO ROYAL                   28

3          SARAH PARKER                              HERMITS KEFFIE                                        25

4          COURTNEY MONKS                       CEDRIC                                                          21


            JUNIOR NOVICE                              LRC SHIELD


1          EVIE FAIRBROTHER                       MISS PEGGY SUE                                        43

2          AIMEE WAREING                           Mr RISE 'N' SHINE                                        37

3          NICOLA EASTHAM                         PESSALL FANFARE                                    33


            SENIOR NOVICE                             AMEX GOLD SHIELD


1          KATE RYDER                                   SOLITAIRES CASINO ROYAL                   37

2          HELENE CHORLEY                         POPLARS PROMISE                                    24

3          JOANNA BAXTER               FAST LADY                                                  17

4          PIPPA CHORLEY                              COWNEDGE MADELEINE                         12




1          AIMEE WAREING                            Mr RISE 'N' SHINE                                        40


            SENIOR ELEMENTARY                  THE HOWGILL TROPHY


1          JANE ALDER                                    ZAMIRA                                                         39

2          JOANNE BAXTER                            FAST LADY                                                  21  

3=        HELENE CHORLEY                         POPLARS PROMISE                                    19  

3=        CHRISTINE LOFTHOUSE               DIAMOND OSCAR                                       18


"When I compete at LRC if I do something wrong the judges will tell me how to improve. Everyone is friendly and I have made new friends and I am looking forward to shows starting again."
Macy Martland age 10
Ceulan Silas (Bobby)

"Has given me and my horse a fun and friendly place to compete. We both love coming to Longton and have achieved things I never thought possible :) xx"
Jennifer Mckenna

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