The Showing Register (TSR)  Showing Finals

 Longton Riding Club shows held on 27/05/18 & 12/08/18 are qualifiers for the 2018 TSR Showing Finals. Qualify and enter ANY of the Finals Central, East Anglia, North West, North East, South East, South Wales & South West or Scottish. You DO NOT have to be a TSR member to qualify or enter a final. The Rider/Handler qualifies and can enter any horse/pony in any number of Finals!

TSR Riders Finals – 1st & 2nd riders qualify and will received a qualification card in the ring.

TSR In Hand Finals – The two highest placed Handlers with a TSR In Hand Card will qualify in any In Hand Class. Handlers MUST have their cards signed in the ring by the judge/steward, cards are available FREE from the TSR website. Full details at http://www.theshowingregister.co.uk

TSR Medal Awards – TSR members can collect qualification cards & signatures and redeem for a TSR Medal – see TSR website for details

BSHA Grass Roots Champs – With a TSR qualification card you can also enter the BSHA Grass Roots Champs in Sept at Addington EC – you do not have to be a BSHA member to qualify or enter the final. See www.britishshowhorse.org

 TGCA TOYS In Hand and Ridden Classes       Show Number – 10th June TGCA/06/18/73 - 24th June TGCA/06/18/074

 Pure Bred classes are qualifiers for the Best of Breed Finals at the Traditional Gypsy Cob Association's (TGCA) National Breed Championship Show “TOYS”. Classes are open to all pure bred traditional gypsy cobs.

Part Bred classes, are open to all part bred traditional gypsy cobs and are qualifiers for the part bred finals at “TOYS”. The exhibit must have one parent that is pure bred traditional gypsy cob, a minimum of 50% breeding is accepted.

Stallions – All stallions (pure or part bred, four years and over) in order to enter any TGCA affiliated class MUST have be TGCA registered, have passed TGCA evaluations and their TGCA stallion disc displayed on their bridle. Stallions and colts over the age of two, MUST be shown in a stallion bridle with a metal bit and chain lead as per the current TGCA rulebook.

Existing TGCA members must present their qualification card to the judge in the ring for signature. Non-members will receive a qualification card from the judge and have 21 days to join the TGCA and register their horse to validate the qualification. Please refer to www.tgca.co.uk for further details including membership, horse registration and showing rules (contained within the members handbook).

Championship Shows

1st, 2nd and 3rd from the TGCA classes may go forward to the Quest for a Star Championship, provided they are current TGCA members and the horse is TGCA registered. Membership cards and qualification cards (specific to that exhibit) must be presented upon entry into the ring. The Champion and Reserve qualify for the Ultimate Star Championships at TOYS. Part Breds go forward to the Go for Glory Championship, for 2018 and 2019 qualifiers there is no requirement for membership or registration (apart from stallions) on the date of the show. The Champion and Reserve qualify for the Crowning Glory Championships at TOYS                               


 Longton Riding Club is affiliated to The Coloured Horse & Pony Society (UK)   Affiliation Number 18183.

Both owner and the rider/exhibitor need not be a member of CHAPS(UK) nor must the horse or pony be registered with CHAPS(UK) to compete, however in order to Qualify both Owner and Rider/Exhibitor need to be a current showing member and present their valid qualification card IN THE RING for signing by the judge. Members to apply in writing to CHAPS(UK) for appropriate qualifier card.

The CHAPS(UK) Championship Show will be held on29th August – 1st September 2018 shows held on or after the Postal Entry closing date of Championship Show will count as 2019 qualifiers.

The following classes at the show to be held on the 8th July 2018 are CHAPS(UK) Qualifiers 10,15,16,17,18,100, 200, 35,36,300, 44,70,71

For full rulings and information on competition/qualification, please refer to the CHAPS(UK) Members Handbook or visit www.chapsuk.com for rulings.

All stallions, 4 years old and over entering these classes must be graded with CHAPS(UK). All stallions must wear Stallion ID discs in the ring without exception.


RoR  - Retraining of Racehorses - Riding Club Challenge

Performance and Participation rewards for RoR members. Must be holders of current RoR competition memberships to be eligible.

All of our points shows and dressage shows offer participation in the RoR Riding Club Challenge.

Earn points from all the classes you enter and RoR member/horse combination with highest points will be the winner at each show and will receive a RoR rosette voucher.

Points will count towards the Longton Riding Club RoR Challenge Championship to find the Champion & Reserve for 2108 with a Trophy to the Champion. To be presented at the last show of the season.

To participate, mark your entry form with RoR and your RoR membership number (beginning with a 2). Points will be awarded for all classes entered, 8 for a win, 7 for 2nd down to 3 points for 6th or if not placed 1 point for participating. These points will be added to the day's RoR Challenge Score Board, the RoR member/horse combination with the most points will be the days winner which will be announced on the  website. Rosette Vouchers to be collected at the next show.

Longton is also a League signing organiser for the National RoR unaffiliated leagues. Signing your performance sheet to verify your participation and performance in either Show Jumping or Dressage. Ask at the Desk in the Clubhouse.



"When I compete at LRC if I do something wrong the judges will tell me how to improve. Everyone is friendly and I have made new friends and I am looking forward to shows starting again."
Macy Martland age 10
Ceulan Silas (Bobby)

"Has given me and my horse a fun and friendly place to compete. We both love coming to Longton and have achieved things I never thought possible :) xx"
Jennifer Mckenna

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