14th May

21st May
In-Hand Champs


4th June 


18th June



25th June



9th July



30th July


27th August
Trophy Show                          
Ring 2
Ridden Showing
Ian Dickonson

2a Minatures

John Lloyd

Graeme Steedon

Vivienne Shepley Sue Aspinall Beverley Calderbank Carol Swarbrick Daniel Park
Ring 3
Working Hunter
Beverley Calderbank
2b (Plaited)
Graeme Steedon
Stepph Mcllwaine
Sandie Henderson Lucy Warbrick Peter Boustead Laura Gibbons David Fernley
Ring 4
In-Hand Showing
David Fearnley
Helen Horsfall
Sarah Huxley
Margaret Ogden Bayley Johnnie Simpson Linda Cadman Mark Carswell Tina McKay
Ring 6
Riding Club H&P, Ridden Novice
Laura Gibbons
Mark Carswell
Lucy Warbrick
Sarah Huxley tbc Joanne Heap Sandie Henderson Chloe Smallbone
Supreme of Show
 Vivienne Shepley
Ridden Showing Show                                                                                  Reserved Dates for Points show
Saturday 6th May                                                                                              10th September                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     
Reserved Date Saturday 17th June (in case of cancellation)                                                                                                                                                



"When I compete at LRC if I do something wrong the judges will tell me how to improve. Everyone is friendly and I have made new friends and I am looking forward to shows starting again."
Macy Martland age 10
Ceulan Silas (Bobby)

"Has given me and my horse a fun and friendly place to compete. We both love coming to Longton and have achieved things I never thought possible :) xx"
Jennifer Mckenna

Official photographer:

Ken Ettridge Photography has a wide selection of photographs available for you to view, from various equestrian events held this year, as well as a choice of other sailing and still life photographs.

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: 01772 433217

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