Personal information that you supply to us may be used in a number of ways to facilitate your riding club membership. It should be noted that as we are affiliated to the British Horse Society as a British Riding Club, your personal information will be shared with them in order to fulfil your BRC membership benefits and they may share with associates for the purpose of fulfilling your full membership benefits i.e. insurance providers. We / BRC will automatically contact you about your membership: for example, to ensure you receive your membership benefits, to tell you about news, activities and events. This includes sending you a regular magazine, email updates, information on other membership benefits, and publishing competition times and results in the public domain. Privacy Policy 
It is a condition of the membership that all members acquaint themselves with the Rules and Constitution of the Club as well as the Bye-Laws   -  Rules 
Please note that all Riders & Handlers must be 4yrs old by the 1st January in the current year. Seniors are those who have attained their 18th birthday by 1st January in the current year.
A membership card will be issued by British Riding Clubs (please allow 21 days) but you will be added to our membership list when we receive your payment. Make your entries at members rates (there is a copy of the membership list on the desk on showdays)   
Please complete the questions using the drop down menus where requested.  Please ensure that you provide your full address with postcode and telephone number
We are constitutionally obliged to notify you of the date of the Annual General Meeting(AGM). To help us minimise the cost of sending out this notification, we would be grateful If you would consent to receiving these notifications by email. If you do consent then please give your email address. If you do not want to receive notifications and newlsetters then please contact
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     b) Then go to Membership Fees,  and select Postage £1.20.
     c)  Click 'Add to Cart'.
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"When I compete at LRC if I do something wrong the judges will tell me how to improve. Everyone is friendly and I have made new friends and I am looking forward to shows starting again."
Macy Martland age 10
Ceulan Silas (Bobby)

"Has given me and my horse a fun and friendly place to compete. We both love coming to Longton and have achieved things I never thought possible :) xx"
Jennifer Mckenna

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