1.  Select First Aid and enter name of rider.
2.  Select entry fee from drop down menu.
3.  Enter Class number and class description
4.  Enter name of Rider AND Horse/Pony.
5.  For multiple entries repeat process but omit First Aid button.
PLEASE NOTE:-  For each new rider you must start with the First Aid button.



Select Entry Fee
Class Number & Name of Class
Name of Rider & Horse/Pony


"When I compete at LRC if I do something wrong the judges will tell me how to improve. Everyone is friendly and I have made new friends and I am looking forward to shows starting again."
Macy Martland age 10
Ceulan Silas (Bobby)

"Has given me and my horse a fun and friendly place to compete. We both love coming to Longton and have achieved things I never thought possible :) xx"
Jennifer Mckenna

Official photographer:

Ken Ettridge Photography has a wide selection of photographs available for you to view, from various equestrian events held this year, as well as a choice of other sailing and still life photographs.

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